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Essential Oils are concentrated volatile (quickly evaporating) aromatic compounds found in the leaves, seeds, stems, roots, bark, flower and other parts of the plant. They are responsible for giving the plant its characteristic odour and carry within themselves the therapeutic power of the plant. They occur in such a highly potent form that even a single drop of the essential oil is equivalent to multiple cups of the dried herb from which it was extracted (for instance, a single drop of peppermint oil is extracted from 25 cups of peppermint leaves making the oil up to 75x more potent compared to their dried herbal counterpart). Essential Oils have been extensively used for over thousands of years across various cultures for their therapeutic and medicinal benefits.

Carrier Oils, also known as Base Oils, Fixed Oils, Vegetable Oils or Cold Pressed Oils are used to dilute essential oils and absolutes before they are applied to the skin in massage and aromatherapy. They are so named because they carry the essential oil onto the skin. Carrier Oils have also earned the moniker fixed oils, due to the fact that they remain fixed on the skin.

Used in perfumery and aromatherapy, Absolutes are very similar to Essential Oils. They are concentrated, highly aromatic, oily mixtures extracted from plants. Whereas essential oils are produced by distillation, boiling or pressing, absolutes are produced through solvent extraction, or more traditionally, through Enfleurage. Many times distillation of a plant by steam method does not extract as much natural oil from the plant, or in some cases, breaks down the precious natural oil in delicate flowers. The solvent extraction method is often used in these cases.

An Infused Oil, also referred to as a Macerated Oil, consists of a carrier oil that has been permeated (infused or macerated) with one or more herbs. The benefit to using an infused oil as opposed to a plain carrier oil is that the infused oil will contain the properties of both the carrier oil and the herbs that were infused into the oil.

Ayurvedic Oils consists of a base oil infused with a decoction of one or more Ayurvedic herbs-combining the nourishing and soothing qualities of the oil with the healing properties of the herbs.

Hydrosols, also known as Flower Waters or Hydrolates are produced by distilling fresh plant materials including leaves, fruits and flowers. These distilled aromatic waters have therapeutic properties similar to essential oils, but are much less concentrated. Their aromas are often light and subtle when compared to their essential oil counterpart.

Our Quality Assurance team consisting of highly qualified chemists and experts adhere to the strict quality standards used by the global Essential Oils and Flavor Industry.

These references of comprehensive scientific information, detail specific physiochemical properties of all the essential oils. Some of these important parameters include Refractive Index, Specific Gravity, Optical Rotation, Flash Point, Acid Value, Ester Value, Infrared Absorption, Ultraviolet/Visible Spectroscopy (UV/Vis) for pigment detection, Solubility, Colour/Appearance, Taste/Odour, presence of Heavy Metals, and proportion of Predominant Active Chemical Components.

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